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Did you know that it is common to be more petrified of speaking in public than dying? But for many C-Suite executives, board-level advisors and women in leadership, it is necessary to represent themselves and their companies through presentations.

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This webinar will give you the tools to rise to the pressure and avoid downplaying your worth with common public speaking foibles. Takeaways include:. Register with Promo Code.

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To become a member, click here. Previously, she was a manager of IT at major financial institutions in California and a consulting economist to major development firms here and abroad.

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You're bombarded with challenging questions from investors, worn out by long days, and struggling to Read More. Investment decision-making is not totally rational. Are you using all the tools at your disposal to create and deliver persuasive Do your public speaking skills inspire, motivate and influence others?

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They should. Many leaders are nervous of public speaking. A great investor pitch book is at the heart of successful fundraising. It should capture the essence of your business Better Body Language We all know that body language is important in business. But how important?

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And does is really These days, we are writing more than ever. Your readers have When an investor questions how you calculated your Private Equity fund's performance, how do you react? If an investor asks How do you choose a public speaking coach? What do LPs want from private equity funds at first investor meetings? That's the question I put to the panel While we wrote this piece with our Private Equity clients in mind, there are good lessons here for anyone pitching Do you want to engage your audience? And do you want Leaders use storytelling so that audiences listen, remember and act on what they say.

How do you make your investment pitch more memorable? It's a real challenge these days.

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Investors have more opportunities than A well-crafted private equity pitch book can make the difference between securing a first meeting with investors and getting a Contact Us Now. Better Business Presentations.

Compelling Investor Pitches. Conference Panels and Talks. Create Great Pitch Decks. For HR, Learning and Development. Fundraising Presentations. Improve Your Leadership Communications. Media Training - Interview Tips. Persuasive Private Equity Pitches. It has been a step change of us. They undoubtedly helped us secure Sky TV as an investor.

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