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When her world hits rock bottom, she stumbles across wolf shifter, Devin Caedmon, who offers her safety and protection. She learns to trust the wolf, but has yet to trust the man. Hell no. Until he moves to New Wurzburg and meets Friederike Burkhart. And someone wants her dead for it. For the first time, Rain has something worth fighting for, worth living for. Worth dying for. His plan is easier said than done, especially when not just any woman will do. When their captors separate the three women, they vow to reunite, no matter the cost.

But now someone knows the truth and is determined to exterminate her family line. Living on borrowed time in the midst of this dangerous game of hide and seek, the last thing Elodie needs to do is fall in love. But Sawyer is determined to protect her, and the brooding, angry boy is more than what he seems. Can they outsmart a madman? And if they survive, will they find a way to beat the curse for good? Series: Redwood Pack, Book 6. Using her knowledge and research, she helped save the Redwood Pack from devastation.

Not since she lost her mate so long ago.

Falling into You

Now there is a new, younger wolf, entering her life and it will take more than her nose in a book to figure out the warmth in her heart is much more than a promise of a new feeling. Banished from my birth pack after a bloodbath, I never wanted a mate. Then I meet Kylie. My temptation. The next day, she was dead. Series: Psy-Changeling, Book 9. He might possess her over and over in erotic dreams that leave her aching for the rough heat of his touch, but she knows that in reality, he is far too dangerous for her to handle.

Now he walks alone. But Sienna stirs his primal heart, even as he tells himself she is far too young to handle the wild fury of the wolf. But ooooh, he smells so good. Now grown up, the alpha of the pack tries to make her his mate against her will—Bella knows she has no choice but to run away. Her family needed the money, but fighting the attraction she feels for her brooding employer is tough.

Now, the leopard council demands she mates an alpha, whether she loves him or not. It should be simple. Get a match and move on. These two Viking brothers are hardcore. They both want her to be their mate, and they are absolutely not taking no for an answer. Misty has always wished for something exciting to spice up her boring-with-a-capital-B existence, but she never thought it would come in the form of a gorgeous six-foot-plus billionaire. Two, he wants her in his bed—him, the guy who actually had to file a TRO against an obsessive supermodel. And three, he has a proposition she never—and she means never—ever sees coming.

Becoming mate to a stranger in a faraway pack is the only chance she has to escape her Appalachian life of poverty and abuse. She wants safety, but trusts The Fates to steer her toward love, too. Pursued by a shapeshifting stalker and his slobbering pack of killer coyotes, she is forced to flee her job as a librarian to find sanctuary in the wooded hills of Alpha, Washington. Marcus is a pack enforcer who oozes power, but Roni is lethal in her own right—nothing like the flirty females who flock around him.

Even still, his possessive gaze makes one thing clear. I was on my Itunes listening after each reference and feeling the words. This is a must read for everybody! I'm falling into you. You're an ocean, and I'm falling in, drowning in the depths of who you are. Read it. Love it. View all 27 comments. Mar 12, Tough Critic Book Reviews rated it really liked it. Falling Into You will turn you into a sobbing, makeup-less insomniac…with unkempt eyebrows, and snot. No beating around the bush; the bush gets its ass kicked!

Then you actually get to know the characters. You fall in love with the characters. Let the free fall begin. Best friends falling in love?? Damn you Jasinda Wilder…damn you. You found my Achilles heel and sliced it with kryptonite. My emotions bled out before I even got to chapter six. He lives. What did happen was hurt, loss, love, and healing. Colton happened. He never replaced Kyle in my heart, but I accepted that. Nell accepted that. It was about surviving…living. What Nell went through with Kyle is what made her perfect for Colton.

In unrelated news, you know what works better than Kleenex to dry tears? Hot passionate sex. This was my first time with Jasinda Wilder and she was anything but gentle. There is something about a book that emotionally bleeds you dry that is almost therapeutic.

Like an emotional cleanse, cathartic. This was an amazing story to tell and one that will stay with me forever. View all 28 comments. Damn… I love this author. This story starts out with childhood best friends to lovers; Kyle and Nell and their story is so sweet and tragically cut short. Just hold on, one more day. Just hold on, one more hour. Someone will come for you. Someone will hold you close. I know, I know. But if you just hold on, One more day, one more hour.

It will be. Oh, god, oh, god, ohmigod. Now his circling fingers are swift and accurate, sending heat through me. I shift and arch, bow my back and roll my hips. So good. I lift up onto my knees and push back, liking the fullness of his finger inside me. Oh, god. View all 34 comments. Mar 20, Heather K dentist in my spare time rated it did not like it Shelves: everyone-else-loves-it , not-for-me , new-adult , narrator-so-so , m-f , losing-the-v-card , contemporary , bye-bye-butt-virginity , romance , did-not-finish.

I bought this book because one of my very few local friends that reads romance was raving about this book. I should have known better. I should have known from all of the dozens of gif-y reviews that this book wouldn't be very good, but this was still a let down. Falling into You was like a checklist for everything annoying about romance. The beginning was very YA, and very irritating. First of all, the whole sex and virginity issue just came across as ridiculous.

I have a thing for the virgin trope in romance yes, I know it's trite , but I just hate an annoying virgin. Nell was one of those. I have never ever heard of someone just go from only kissing for months to one night jumping to full-on sex, but Nell made it seem like the only way. In fact, the whole relationship with Kyle was so irritating that I wasn't even affected when he finally died not a spoiler, it's in the blurb. Another thing, because Kyle's death is a thing that readers know is coming, the author kept teasing his death with foreshadowing and "dangerous situations.

I was finally so SICK of being teased as to when Kyle was finally going to kick the bucket that I almost skimmed forward to after his death just to be done with it. When Nell finally meets Colton years later, it's another disaster. Colton's backstory felt so phony that my eyes were constantly rolling. I'm from the New York area, and the idea that Colton, a rich white boy, would be welcomed into a street gang and then just leave when he felt like it was so fake that it made me want to throw my Kindle.

Combine that with a hit-list of classic romance "woe is me" plot elements, and I simply checked out. Misunderstood rich boy! Almost rape! Learning disabilities! Substance abuse! Learn some restraint, Jasinda Wilder. In terms of the audio, the narrators were Nothing special, and certainly not enough to make me want to finish the book. All in all, this was a waste of my time and money.

Seasoned romance readers used to something with substance should skip this one. View all 20 comments. Mar 20, Kristen rated it really liked it Shelves: steamy , bittersweet-plot , exhausting-read , 4-star , happy-for-now-ending , long-and-drawn-out , tattooed-pierced-hero , manufactured-drama , tortured-souls , heartbreaking.

I haven't cried whilst reading a book in a long long time This book had me sobbing at work! Mascara running Sobbing! This was the most beautifully written book. A very emotional read, a book that will GUTT you but stay with you for a very long time Nell Hawthorne had a best friend name kyle Calloway.. Friends turned into first loves Great love.. Love that binds you together till the end One stormy August night, Kyle died When the light in his eyes went out, the Fire in Nell's heart died.. And part of her died too. Nell is Numb, she feels the accident was her fault. She meets Colton, Kyles older brother at his funeral.

Something about him helps with the pain Two years later she bumps into him in New York City, where she lives now They have this pull towards each other.. Like two broken souls drowning, wanting to be saved.. Nell has changed She's broken, empty, sad, wounded.. Just living She drinks, she cuts.. The pain reminds her of Kyle, afraid if she stops the hurt, she will forget him Colton understood her, he had his own type of pain..

He lived and is still living with his pain He helps Nell accept the pain, accept the hurt, how not to be okay and how to eventually Let it go.. How can she love her dead boyfriends brother.. How can she feel more for him then Kyle I feel closer to you right now than anyone…ever. And I Love him! I just have to say it to you, because—just because.

Feelings all spilled into songs.. But together they can help each other. They experience their own kind of loss together He helps me remember to breathe, shows me how to smile again. He kisses me, and I can forget pain, forget the urges I still have to cut for the pain that erases the emotions.

Not to save her, but to bring her back to Life View all 81 comments. Mar 11, Natasha is a Book Junkie rated it it was amazing Shelves: all-time-favorites , arc. I can honestly say that I never expected to be blown away this completely and I most certainly did not expect to find a new favourite. Emotional, poignant, exceptionally written, believable… and it comes with the bonus of having by far the hottest sex scene I have ever had the pleasure of reading.

And re-reading. As much as this book made me cry and it crushed my heart on so many occasions, it left me deliriously happy because I knew I had found a rare gem. We meet Nell as a young woman living a carefree life — she has a loving family, a blessed childhood, a best friend who has been in her life since they were kids. We watch the friendship between them develop into something more, we watch them fall in love, experience all their firsts, we feel their bond in our hearts and we are giddy about every single happy moment they share as their relationship progresses naturally and effortlessly.

Suddenly, unexpectedly, cruelly. In their desperation, they share an illicit kiss but Nell is so overwhelmed by grief, loss, regret, sadness, that she pushes him out of her mind and out of her life. Too comforting. Too natural. Too much like home. The memory of their stolen kiss engraved itself in his soul, marking it and making their chance encounter something he has hoped for ever since she walked away from him that agonising day.

It does not take very long for Colton to realise that Nell has never grieved her loss properly. She has bottled all her pain and guilt inside her, deep inside her, never allowing herself to confront her emotions, let them flow through her and excise them that way. She is a ticking bomb and Colton might be the only person in her life equipped to help her face those demons. Colton walks into her life like a knight in shining armour, his own traumatic past being the only weapon that could help Nell. From others and from yourself.

She has had two years to allow her guilt to fester inside her and it has become an ugly monster who has the power to shatter her and make her feel worthless. By helping her face her pain, Colton is forced to address his own as well, his past becoming the very tool he uses to help Nell. Events are narrated at a fast pace — bam, bam, bam — like little daggers stabbing our hearts with every fact that is shared. It holds us captive in the scenes, unable to think of anything else.

This is a stunning, heartfelt love story, one that will stay with you for a long time after you finish it. I want to scream from the mountain-tops how much everyone should read this book. This is not an ordinary romance, it is an extraordinary tale of love healing all wounds, no matter how deep they are.

An absolute must-read. Follow me on Facebook! View all 12 comments. Mar 12, Wendy rated it it was amazing Shelves: tops , ugly-baby-cries. I rarely do this. In fact I've only ever given 2 other books my star rating, but this will be the third for me. Author provided ARC copy for an honest review. I am completely by this book! Every emotion I've ever felt was brought forth and it was beyond welcome! Nell and Kyle's story from the beginning was this beautiful portrayal of young love and all the firsts that people experience.

And then, Two years, a proposal and a fallen tree are the end of one chapter in Nell's life and the beginnin I rarely do this. And then, Two years, a proposal and a fallen tree are the end of one chapter in Nell's life and the beginning of something altogether more. All tragic events have a way of making us to feelings and life in general. Nell was blind to any emotion other than pain for so long after her loss. Enter Colton and Nell's life is in for an unexpected change.

Absolutely beautiful! I can't get over the pull that Falling Into You has on me. I'm in serious book hangover from this and I'm not sure if I even care if it passes anytime soon. I absolutely fucking love this book!!! View all 10 comments. Mar 23, Kelena rated it it was amazing Shelves: , fall-head-over-heels , contemporary-romance. Circumstance brought them together in different times, one in happy times, the other, in broken times. Best friends since birth. Once Nell turns 16 and is allowed to start dating, Kyle makes his move.

These two have the most beautiful, sweet, and innocent relationship. They have loved each other their entire lives… first as friends, then as lovers. That scene was a hard one for me as I could have had a similar outcome in my family with my middle child. Hubs, thank God, hubs heard the crack and screamed bloody murder at our son to move The pain of losing Kyle is too much to bare.

Nell was on a downward spiral consumed by grief and suffocated by depression". You will love Colton. The more his story unfolds, the more your heart will open up to this tattooed, guitar playing, singing guy. He will slowly seep into your veins. Taking up residence. He has such a way with words. He helps her breathe again. He helps her let go of her past heartache and find love and passion like she has never experienced. Colton and Nell are two of the most captivating characters, they had me from beginning to end.

I loved them individually and together. This book also brings to the forefront coping mechanisms that many people employ in real life. Is it hard to read? It is also hopeful in many ways. Healing occurs through love and acceptance. I hold her. Roll the pain away, put it down on the ground and leave it for the birds. Suffer no more, lost child.

Stand and take the road, move on and seal the hurt behind the miles. I was emotional right through until the end. I didn't smile as anything I read, I didn't laugh I'm feeling drained right now. But still I was hooked right in. Colton is patient. He has his own life he has survived. But it will make us feel better. He lets Nell be herself ,at the same time he coaxes her into talking about her pain, he in return shares about himself. I loved these parts, the more Colton talked about himself the more I loved him. This book is not rainbows and butterflies. It is not your typical love story.

It is dark, emotional and deep. It is not only tragic and completely heartbreaking, but it is also filled with hope and love. Hope that you can find the strength to move on after a devastating loss and learn to love again Mar 15, Smitten's Book Blog rated it it was amazing Shelves: alpha-male , steamy-reads , alternate-pov , virginal-heroine , stand-alone , angst-filled-reads , bad-boy , emotional-reads , need-it-in-paperback , fighting-men. Wow wow, freakin' wow! Oh my life! That was amazing. So inspiring! I was asked to review this book by the author and I had no idea what I was letting myself in for.

Well, actually, that's a lie I absolutely adored Jasinda Wilder's Wounded , so I knew I liked her writing style and I knew she had the ability to strike a chord in me.

But, still I'm mega excited to say that Falling Into You met my expectations, exceeded them, and some! I can tell yo Wow wow, freakin' wow! I can tell you what I know about you. I can tell how I feel. I can show you what you really are. But arguing with you won't accomplish anything. I think we've both had our share of people trying to fix us. It doesn't work. We can only fix ourselves. Let ourselves heal. But don't worry, this doesn't end with an earth shattering cliffhanger. Don't get me wrong, this WILL shatter your earth! Into a million pieces, more than once.

But ohmygod it is sooooo worth it. Colton is so worth it! Moments like this, with Colton? He doesn't fix me, doesn't heal me. He helps me remember to breathe. This is a pure, no-holds-barred, snotty, all out ugly cry inducing book. I knew what was coming and it still killed me. Jasinda cuts you deep with this one. I have one name for you; Kyle!! But screw that. I've known you my whole entire life. We have shared everything together. He's gorgeous, he's smart, he's loving, he's her first. He's faultless And that is not a spoiler, because it's in the blurb, so I can say it.

Shout it! Scream it because I was sooo angry! Even though I knew it was coming. It was unbearable. You're not okay, but you're alive, and you will be okay, someday. Nell is wonderful too. She's a sweet, innocent, happy young girl and her world comes crashing down on her when she loses her boyfriend, her best friend and the only person she has ever loved. She takes it badly. She struggles with some very very dark forms of release and her character becomes barely recognisable.

It just pushes it away temporarily. Just like the booze. Wooo, 'yay' for Colton, because he is our hero! And what a hero he is. He has all the mandatory qualifications to be your next favourite book boyf'; Tortured past. Uh huh! Muscles covered in ink? Oh yeh! Firey temper and the need to protect damsels in distress?

That's love. Well, they help to save one another. Both consumed by their pain, they find solace in each other and learn to deal, together. It's beautifully tragic, but beautiful, all the same. She'll hurt me. She's got so much pain, so many cracks and shards and jags in her soul, and I'm going to get cut by her if I'm not careful. And then, if the emotion and the heartbreak and the hotness isn't enough This is one steamy ass book!

Do you think I've gushed enough yet? You all neeeeed to read this book. It's a matter of urgency. Well, unless you're not one for a good cry, then absolutely don't read it! He shrugs. You don't. You just understand that there's a part of you that you can't give away, because it belongs to a dead person. I don't know. I just I need it, like, now. I hope I don't have to wait too long. I'm going to go and have a cup of tea now. View all 23 comments. Almost perfect. This was a beautiful story of love, loss, guilt, sacrifice, and healing.

Best friends, then lovers, Kyle and Nell were a match everyone saw coming. I loved Kyle and Nell's relationship. It was so real. They were just kids, only 16, just discovering what love and lust really meant. Kyle was so sweet, and romantic, but this wasn't an idealized version first love, it was all very real. And I know most people would say we're just kids, or to 4. And I know most people would say we're just kids, or too young to know what love is.

Longing and wanting aren't easy to feel, but they come with the territory.

I've know you my whole life. Every important thing in our lives has happened together. And now we're learning how to fall in love together. I don't care what any one else says. I'll always love you, not matter what happens with us in the future. He can see she is still stuck inside her grief. He has his own demons, his own pain, and he wants to help her release the pain. I almost don't want to get involved. I also know I'm not going to stay way.

I'm going to grab onto her and let myself get cut. I'm good at pain. I'm good at bleeding, emotionally, and physically. At first I wasn't sure if he might be too broken to help Nelly, but in reality, he was incredibly strong. They were beautiful together. Perfect broken pieces that somehow made a whole. Oh, and the chemistry, it was amazing. Just a little more of their HEA. They deserve an epic HEA, and I felt just a little bit cheated. Seriously, broke me. Having felt that kind of loss, it was the most beautiful, and painful words I've ever read.

You've never had a face. A thousand breaths you'll never take echo in my mind, My child, child, child. The questions blink like stars, Numberless I the night sky. Did you dream? Did you have a soul?

Early Pregnancy Loss

Who could you have been? You've never known my arms, You've never known you mothers's arms, My child, child child. I"ll dream for you, I'll breathe for you, I'll question God for you, I'll shake my fists and scream and cry for you. This song is for you, It's all I've got.

It doesn't give you a name. It doesn't give you a face. But it's all I've got to give. All my love is i these words I sing, In each haunted not from my guitar, My child, child child. You're not gone, Because you never were. But that doesn't mean you're forgotten, Unborn child, child, child.

I bury you With this song. I mourn you With this song. It really could happen to anyone!

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Jasinda Wilder did a great job of including those 3 "normal" scenes in this short book about sex Wait, what do you mean there are other things in this book except for the sex scenes? Oh, now I remember Is it maybe the countless number of scenes in which the main character bites her lip? Not that one either? Then you must be talking about that scene in which we miraculously fin It really could happen to anyone!

Then you must be talking about that scene in which we miraculously find out that the two main characters are exceptional singers whose voices are like a damn angel choir.

The rise and fall of the Isis 'caliphate' | World news | The Guardian

What do you mean, it's not this one either? The only thing that's left is the fact that Colton is in a gang? Like, he calls his gang friends "homies" I honestly get shivers just by imagining how dangerous this guy is. To be honest, there's this particularly wonderful and touching scene in which Nell gives Colton a handjob while he sleeps, just a day after they saw each other again. Aww, I know, this one warms my heart too! Overall, this is a really fantastic book - you will learn so many things from it.

For example, how to wish that an already dead character dies again just because of how annoying he was during his life, or that after someone you love dies destructive behavior is, really, the only normal way for you. I know, I know, this one was a real tear-jerker! View 2 comments. Mar 14, Jacqueline's Reads rated it it was amazing Shelves: 5-stars-favorites , 6-stars-top-favorites , freebie.

Falling Into You is a Fabulous. I want to kick myself in the butt for waiting so long before I picked up this book.

A war over opium, an island as a prize

Nell fell in love with her best-friend, Kyle and then one day he dies. Because of similar pains, Colton helps Nell heal her wounds. However, I. PAIN to the fullest. She is beautifully damaged and a perfect Heroine in my opinion. I get her, I understand her, and like I said, I feel for her. Wilder paints a wonderful, yet broken picture of Nell and you see her starting out as this young teenager and slowly growing into a woman but still trying to figure out what to do with herself. The read is very fast pace and at times I wonder if it could have been a little longer, but overall, I think the length and tone was just right for me.

There were no annoying points and almost everything that needed to be said was said at the right time. Compassion and pity are not the same: pity is looking down on someone, feeling sorry for them and offering nothing; compassion is seeing their pain and offering them understanding. I recommend this book for those who like emotional, yet moving stories that will make you appreciate life. View all 13 comments. Mar 17, Jen rated it it was amazing Shelves: contemporary-romance , tissues-required.

Like you said, it's scary in a way, but it's also the most amazing thing I've ever experienced. You are the most amazing thing I've ever experienced. Not like in a "it's really great" or "I was pleasantly surprised" kind of way. No, I love this book! Colt and Nell are both hurting, scarred and in need of a safe haven. The simple "I'm not just falling in love with you, Nell. The simple fact that these characters were there for each other and became the other's safe place, combined with the scorching heat, made my heart do a little happy dance.

There's nothing mundane about this story. View all 18 comments. Mar 11, Lisa rated it it was amazing Shelves: series , angsty-romance , arc-given-to-blog-for-honest-review , fav-books-of-all-time , ugly-cry , read-in Emotionally wrung dry. And ya know what? How does an author literally break my heart and I can sit here and say I loved every second of it?

Because it was one of the most beautifully written books I have ever read. It happens. To let it go would be to open my soul. It would never stop. I would break…just shatter. The liquid on my cheek was blood, surging out from my ripped and tattered heart. I hated what was happening, I hated the loss of Kyle, I hated every tortuous second but the writing was beautiful. I felt every emotion from Nell…it hurt like HELL but just writing about it now and recalling what happened makes me cry! There is a break of two years and they reconnect…by chance.

They deal with it together, cope together, heal together. I can tell you how I feel. Even thru their poor shattered broken hearts, seeing them learn to love again, watching both of them open up, more emotions, ugh — and there I go with the tears again. They made my heart flutter, my pulse race, and brought peace to my soul because I needed them to be whole again. And in the end…I got what I needed. And the way she split it up and always let you know whose brain you were in was really clear and concise.

This book was above and beyond an insane…intense…. It blew my mind, shattered my expectations and just absolutely floored me. View 1 comment. Mar 12, Tammy Zautner rated it it was amazing Shelves: 6-stars , worthy-reads-of I am a bit speechless right now. I did not read the blurb for this book. Jasinda asked Kim and I to read and review, the cover looked awesome so I said ok and just dived right in. I loved that I was so clueless. I loved that my heart dived to my stomach and my eyes filled with big fat tears that just kept right on pouring through half the book and then some.

Falling into You was filled with a roller coaster of emotions, including angst, love, fear, pain, guilt, and a glimmer of hope. I adored Nell and Kyle together. I loved that they had been best friends since they were wee tots. Their love was strong and it was a true love, well as true as it could be at years old. I found myself smiling over the romantic things Kyle said and did. I was completely and utterly invested in them. I hurt with her. My heart shattered into pieces for her and Kyle. I felt as broken as Nell did.

I wondered how the author was going to pull off her healing, how she would help her move forward past the grief, the pain, the guilt, the loneliness. Colt was perfection wrapped up in his own pain, his own loss. He had walls wrapped so high around his heart, allowing no one in until Nell. Colt understood the pain and the guilt that riddled Nell. My heart ached so many times for this misguided man who showed tremendous loyalty, protectiveness, and vulnerability. His choices were not always smart, but they shaped him into the man who will stand strong next to Nell offering her the strength and love she will need to move forward.

Colton has secrets, and I want to know them all. Colt helped find the courage to search within herself to find the forgiveness she needed from herself in order to move past the guilt she had been holding on to for years. Their relationship was so hard to read at some points.

The pain just radiated off the page, it was raw and intense. The need they felt for each other was agonizing and all-consuming at times. Their chemistry was off the charts, and scared the living day lights out of Nell, making her doubt everything she knew with Kyle. Colt and Nell struggled, emotionally and mentally she was a train wreck, but he stood next to her side through it all. Each felt their own brand of guilt as they journeyed through the pain. Just sit and let it rip you apart.

And then get up and keep breathing. This was a story of how light can shine through the bitter darkness and offer a second chance at life. I really enjoyed her writing style, her characters and story line were so well developed. I will definitely search out more reads by her. I also enjoyed the alternating point of views, it helped keep me well invested in them and their outcome. I highly recommend this book and author! Thank you to Jasinda Wilder for the opportunity to take this wild ride with Nell and Colton. View all 16 comments. I was glued to the pages, I could not put this story down, this was an unforgettable reading experience.

There was lots of Lisa tears. I was a big, messy pile of girly emoti 5 soul bearing, heart breaking stars. I was a big, messy pile of girly emotion most of the way through this story So be prepared. The author weaves a mixture of Light and dark, Love and hate, Pain and joy, Past and future, Suffering and healing. All put together in a gorgeously written, relatively short book.

Colton comes like a breath of fresh air, and although I didn't think it possible I fell in love all over again. Their is a depth to this story that is sincere. Undoubtably I fell in love with this story and the characters. View all 41 comments. Feb 27, Kim Person rated it it was amazing Shelves: arc. So beautifully written and so emotionally powerful it will leave you thinking of it for days, yes I mean DAYS, after you finish reading it.

The story begins we are introduced to Nell and her BFF, Kyle, they literally have known one another since birth. They have shared everything together and eventually Nell learns that Kyle's feelings for her are more than friendly when she share's her excitement of being asked on her first date by Kyle's best buddy. At sixteen years of age she was finally able to go out on a "real" date and she was brimming with excitement in typical teenage fashion she was They are each other's forever, one true love, and ultimate soul mate.

We experience their first Fast forward to age 18 and they've graduated from High School and they each have respective colleges they are looking forward to going to but their parents have agreed they can go up to Kyle's parents cabin together and all alone. They are beyond excited to get away and spend time together. It was at this part I completely The shock, pain, and absolute gut wrenching point of the book brought me to my knees.

It was everything I didn't want to happen. The selfish act he performed further provide just how much he loved her. She's literally a shell of the person she once was and she comes face to face with Kyle's older brother Colton. The proverbial "black sheep" of the family. Nell doesn't know why but she feels an instant connection to him one she certainly doesn't feel is appropriate and again the guilt she feels at that is right there on the pages that you feel what she's feeling.

The book fast forwards and the story switches to Colton's POV. She's captivating, beautiful and holding a guitar case. She joins him and they play together and when she starts singing he's blown away by this angel's voice. He also sees that she hasn't moved on without Kyle. The pain is there in her eyes and he knows he shouldn't get involved but again that magnetic connection they have draws him to her.

He wants to spend time with her, but doesn't think he is good enough for her. Now ladies I have to tell you from this point on I will walk you through the remainder of this beautiful book with the emotions I felt. Colton saves Nell from the Neanderthal he saw her with when she walked into his good friends bar where he was playing. Yes he totally Not wanting to be alone he takes her back to his place and things get. No Colton opens up to Nell.

Colton came from an affluent family and he learned first hand how to survive all alone, no money, no food, no family, and no friends until he was taken into his "new family.

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I was beginning to think I needed to buy stock in Kleenex because this book had me in tears more time than not. Oh sure there were times I and then when the sexy Colton shows his dominant side in the "bedroom" and him and Nell finally finish was briefly started. Ladies this was Heck if it wasn't 3 a. I watched their relationship develop. I watched their day to day interactions and I wasn't even close to being done and I thought man can this get any better? I also had a little feeling that this was going to The story had switched back to Nell's POV before then and when she find something out she did the last thing I thought she would do I read that part and He hopped on a Barging in demanding to know where Nell was and when he found her well darn it I was I was so How much more grief can two people suffer?

By the end of this book I was Jasinda this book was pure Falling Into You was a deeply emotional read for me. It touched me in ways that I never thought it would for a fiction read! I'm not kidding I was so engrossed in the story that I lost myself in it and I did have to remind myself that I was not part of the story, but isn't that what makes up some of the most amazing reads?

A story that draws you in and you have no clue how deeply you will be drawn into it until you finish and you look around and realize no that didn't just happen to you but it sure the heck felt like it did. A story where I lost track of time and that I was so sad to see it had ended. You will not be able to put this one down. To even give it a rating of 5 stars would be an insult this book FAR exceeds 5 stars! If Goodreads could allow me to add another 5 stars at the top it's easily 10 stars for me.

I promise you won't be able to put this one down. View all 5 comments. Man, this was just what I needed. I was a blubbering mess by a third of the way through. I knew I was going to be a hot mess, but waiting for the axe to fall was excruciati 4. I knew I was going to be a hot mess, but waiting for the axe to fall was excruciating. Be warned: You will cry. I did. How can you move on from a loss like that?

Our main Hero, Colton, had a lot to live up to. How can you replace such a character as Kyle? Just like Nell, I found myself reluctantly drawn to Colton. In a way, it felt wrong to move on, but you honest to God, couldn't help it.