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Our own founding fathers here at FBC were unashamedly Calvinistic. I recently read through our original indenture papers which were submitted to the Town of Orillia in order to get tax exemption on our first property. In the document we were required to provide a paragraph summary of our beliefs; listen to some of what our grandparents thought to include:. They went on to state a few things about communion and church membership also, but for our purposes, what is interesting is that in this little paragraph they felt compelled to mention three classically Calvinistic doctrines: total depravity, election and the perseverance of the saints.

We still preach on those things today years later! My journey in wrestling with the Scriptures took me right back to the place our grandparents stood way back in If you are interested click here. Piper, a Baptist pastor in Minnesota recently retired does a fantastic job of summarizing Calvinism from a Baptist point of view. Baptists tend to hold to a Calvinistic soteriology how people get saved but differ from Calvin on ecclesiology how the church should be put together and governed.

In a nutshell, Calvinism means believing in a Sovereign God, a sinful man, and a gracious salvation in Christ. It is what the Bible teaches about God, about people and about the free gift of salvation through Jesus Christ so that no one can boast in the presence of the Lord.

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Again, the Canons are so helpful. I believe that God can desire something that he has not ordained.

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In other words, his revealed desire to save all men in no way conflicts with his hidden decree to save only the elect. To requote Dr. God loves the world and calls everyone in the world to Christ outwardly through the Gospel, and yet God loves the elect with a saving purpose and calls them by His Spirit inwardly through the same Gospel John —64; —5, 11, 14—18, 25—30; Acts ; Rom. I affirm wholeheartedly the doctrine of limited atonement as well as the free offer of the gospel to all.

God has hidden from our limited minds who the full number of the elect are; yet he has clearly revealed his heart in commanding us to call all sinners to repentance and faith. We implore you on behalf of Christ, be reconciled to God.

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May Reformed preaching and evangelism never lead a sinner to conclude on account of our presentation that the good news is not for him. Rather, may he always know that Jesus came to save sinners of every stripe, and salvation is for any and all who call upon the name of the Lord!

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Tradition hurts the church when we elevate it to divine authority Matt. Reformed theology does not depart from our ancient Christian heritage but affirms the catholic, orthodox doctrines of God and Christ that form the backbone of the great confessional tradition of worldwide Christianity.

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Though the Reformers were excommunicated by the Roman Catholic Church, they did not cast off the Trinitarian faith of the councils of Nicaea, Constantinople, Ephesus, and Chalcedon. They affirmed the doctrines that God is three persons in one divine nature Matt.

Christ is everything to believers Col. Earlier we noted that Reformed theology is God-centered; here we clarify that it is centered on the triune God who comes to us through the only Mediator, Jesus Christ. They traced in glowing detail his mediatorial office as the Prophet, Priest, and King of his people.

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However, a survey of a Reformed catechism or systematic theology shows that there is much more to Reformed theology than the doctrine of salvation. God-centered teaching calls us to God-centered living. Gisbertus Voetius, a renowned professor of Reformed theology, regularly gave his time to catechizing orphans. Reformed doctrine has been treasured by some of the greatest evangelists of all time, such as George Whitefield and Jonathan Edwards. The Reformers and Puritans theologized in their preaching and preached their theology.

This was not merely a method they embraced, but the fruit of their encounter with the living God through the truths of his Word.