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Finals week continues, with the four remaining celebrities rustling up a dish inspired by a place they love, at the end of which one will be given the boot. He even conned Hermann Goering into buying one in exchange for authentic works. B BC One, The excellent cast Judith Anderson as formidable housekeeper Mrs Danvers is a particular highlight adds class to this eerily suspenseful treat. Colin Morgan plays Benjamin, a once promising film-maker drowning in self-doubt. Tom Hardy gives a solid, convincing performance as east London gangster Reggie Kray but his caricatured portrayal of twin brother Ronnie lets him down, and his inconsistent performance leads to an entertaining though muddled film.

Watch out for some particularly gory scenes. Before they get there, his brother finds him lying in the street and picks up the phone. Both took place in the North London borough of Haringey, five weeks apart, and police suspect they are linked. The film puts a human face on the statistics we read about so often — on the perpetrators, victims, their families and the community fighting against violence.

The European Tour arrives in Rome for its latest stop, and Francesco Molinari will hope to take the title at his home event. Fiona Foster investigates the current crisis in mental health provision as millions of Britons, young and old, seek treatment for conditions ranging from anxiety and depression to critical illnesses like dementia. Awaiting them are a Bristol businessman, an eco-fashion designer and a former male model. In this opener, Jimmy Carr and Scarlett Moffatt join host Emma Willis to try and tease the truth from the lies as the teams claim they crossed the Mediterranean by pedalo, dodged security to sprint the m at a world-class athletics event and took part in a pro-wrestling event in Mexico.

But did they? This French-made documentary features a feast of film clips and interviews with well-known Sherlock Holmes fans such as Anthony Horowitz as it explores the difficult relationship author that Arthur Conan Doyle endured with his perpetually famous creation, whose popularity he considered to have stymied his wider literary ambitions. They play three convicts who escape from an island prison and head to a nearby town, planning to swindle their way to boarding a ship.

Louis secures his own destiny with ruthless sang-froid, murdering every heir Alec Guinness plays all eight who stand between him and the dukedom. He and Jeff Daniels play two hapless fools who try to deliver a lost briefcase to a pretty lady Lauren Holly in Aspen and get mixed up in a kidnapping.

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Deadwood received its long-awaited send-off earlier this year, David Chase is returning to The Sopranos for a prequel film and Breaking Bad has never really gone away. Better Call Saul has in some ways surpassed its parent show, but rumours that those central characters might be reprised one more time have circulated for some time.

As the Euro qualifiers continue, Gareth Southgate and his side head to Prague to face their closest Group A challengers. The final three face John Torode and Gregg Wallace for one last time, with a fiendishly simple challenge: create a faultless three-course meal. John Turturro stars as the 14th-century monk William of Baskerville, dispatched with his young apprentice Damian Hardung to investigate a series of deaths at an abbey. Yet another documentary about the AD 79 eruption of Vesuvius, this time focusing on the warehouse containing skeletons both laden with riches and bearing no possessions whatsoever.

Who were they and how did they come to be together? In , maritime archaeologists made a startling discovery: a few kilometres off the coast of Egypt, the long-lost city of Heracleion was found in just 10 metres of water, many of its temples, statues, houses and boats preserved since it mysteriously sank over 3, years ago. This solid documentary tells its story and attempts to resolve its hitherto unexplained fate. The finale to the popular and charming fantasy franchise, directed by Kenny Ortega, ends on a high note.

The stories of the teenage children of Disney villains continues with Mal Dove Cameron as the daughter of Maleficent figuring out how to be the best kind of hero. The catchy song-and-dance numbers are show-stoppers and the central message stands as the perfect example of female unity. Coming to the cast, many stood out. One of the best tv shows made in the superhero genre. The Boys is graphic, and it is refreshingly different. Mind you the language is pretty strong, so this series is strictly meant for adults. This one is not for children. The Boys is available on Amazon Prime for you to stream.

Falling in love is beautiful. So, is this movie a chocolate romance? Ishq , a Malayalam language film released on 24th May , directed by Anuraj Manohar dives deeper into the topic of moral policing that many consenting couples or adults hanging out with each other face. For her birthday, both of them decide to spend an entire day together.

As their journey starts, it is all bubbles and blossom. As nightfall happens they park their car near a hospital, where they are interrupted by two men. One of them claims to be a policeman begins to interrogate Sachi about his intention of being with Vasudha at this parking lot at this point of time. They gaze at them, almost assaults Sachi, keep intimidating them for few hours along with asking for a ransom in return for letting them go. Post this horrendous ordeal forms the plot of the movie. Ishq throws light on many aspects of patriarchy.

The male gaze, moral policing, rights over the opposite sex, chauvinism, superiority complex, revenge of the same nature and so many more. Ishq here deals with all the above in a very sensitive manner. Shane Nigam as Sachi is so believable. As perpetrator Alwin is Shine Tom Chacko , who is terrifyingly good. Ann Sheetal as Vasudha is the best casting of this movie. This movie is a good attempt by the filmmaker that deals with issues many young couples, friends, cousins face inside or outside their safe space. It does make you a little uncomfortable because growing up pretty sure many of us might have seen or heard about such incidents.

Ishq is a good watch. When was the last time something left you so disturbed that it gave you a reality check on the world out there? This feeling, this exact feeling arose in , when the story of Nirbhaya sexual assault case broke. I remember how the entire country including me was so done with the toxic masculinity which was primarily responsible for this crime.

The usual political blame game happened, the organisational blame game happened and finally justice was served and for once not denied. Delhi Crime , a Netflix original series, released on 22 nd March, is based on the same heinous crime which happened in Delhi on 16 th December The drama unfolds as Vartika Chaturvedi Shefali Shah , a no — nonsense Deputy Commissioner of Police, South Delhi, known for getting her work done almost smoothly with her team of efficient police officers; is informed by her subordinates in the middle of the night about a possible rape incident.

In one scene, we are told how the force lack funds to pay the station electricity bills and have to withdraw from the fund that is kept aside for petrol commute purposes. In Delhi Crime , what stands out is zero use of graphics from start to end. The description of the brutal assault has been given a minimalistic approach but it surely gives chills down the spine.

The team goes from zero information about the culprits to nabbing all the six of them one by one by following a set of identifications, including few names provided by the two main witnesses, the victims themselves. It reeks of a heady cocktail that is a mix of toxic masculinity and the need to attack people to prove themselves or prove their strength.

The culprits go to a great extent to avoid getting caught by the police. The creator of Delhi Crime thankfully did not utilize big chest thumping attitude or a preachy tone throughout this genre can go that way , but instead kept it simple and that works because we needed to know the ground reality of how the entire system works, especially amongst all the sections of people starting from poor, middle class, rich, richer and the powerful.

What works here for a viewer? The cast. If you bring on board a set of brilliant actors, it elevates the viewing experience. After a long gap, it is so refreshing to watch Shefali Shah getting everything right about her character, Vartika Chaturvedi based on a real-life top cop who headed this investigation. His character also goes through a complex because of the position he holds in the force, which leads to couple of marriage proposals for his daughter getting rejected.

Remember Jessica Lal murder case?

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Vimla is glad that the investigation probably for the first time is being conducted by the book. What does not work? We get to see the grey areas of the force, which was invisible to us back in It is a perspective that is believable. Delhi Crime is now available on Netflix with subtitles. I have a love-hate relationship with the horror genre. The Haunting of Hill House , released in October , is loosely based on the gothic horror novel of the same name by the author Shirley Jackson.

At present, all the siblings have grown up, having their own lives to lead. They still have haunted memories of the sights they saw or imagined, since their departure from the house, following the death of their mother in the Hill House under tragic circumstances. All of them have a complicated relationship with their father, who refuses to explain or share the details of the night when he hurriedly took them away from the mansion leaving their mother behind at the Hill House.

Steven , an author himself, became an overnight success by selling the story of his life as a young teen with his siblings at the Hill House, causing a strained relationship with all of his kin. Shirley owns a mortuary with her husband and has her sister Theodora , a child psychologist living next door. Remember Daario Naharis?

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The Haunting of Hill House in entirety has a grey monotone, sucking us into the tragic lives of the Crain family which is not easy to watch. What I love about the shows with kids as the main cast is how good the child actors are. The actors as the adult versions of all the siblings were terrific as well, but child actors stole the show. The Haunting of Hill House i s like an onion. Growing up, I was deeply passionate about the glorious past of our world. History or antiquity or bygone days has its own charm.

The manner in which many countries have evolved from nothing to powerful ones is fascinating. One such person from the history, which I clearly remember was rushed upon as we were studying in depth about Indian freedom struggle was Subhash Chandra Bose. Eventually, I drifted away from the topic of Indian freedom struggle and never looked back. And did it floor me with its content and perspective? But the British being skeptical as always, are convinced of his survival and are distressed by the thought of his return to India as a much more powerful leader.

Through flashback, we are told how as a young teenager, Subhash was keen on doing what he thought was right as he had the freedom to do it. He was from an affluent Bengali family and a scholarly person. Being an alma mater of Presidency College, Kolkata and Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge University, he surely had a very bright future ahead.

But as the freedom struggle kept brewing, Indians were engrossed in the nationwide protests against the ruling British Raj and Subhash was one of the many leading figures from Bengal to have led the freedom struggle. Following the footsteps of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi , Subhash wholeheartedly boycotts British goods during the Swadeshi Movement and manages to convince a fellow acquaintance to insult the then Prince of Wales by asking him to purchase Khadi Indian cloth made by Indian weavers.

The series almost perfectly manages to put across an honest portrayal of this enigmatic leader who our countrymen hardly know. We have Edward Sonnenblick as Stanley Allen , a police officer in the British Raj and Naveen Kasturi as Darbari Lal , a constable working for the British Raj, in Calcutta, are constantly on the lookout for what would Subhash do next to severely affect the colonizers but always fail to foil it. They refuse to retreat after every failed attempt to corner Subhash. Halfway through it does get a tad bit confusing as to which narrative is going on, but hang in there to get a grasp of what is unfolding in front of us.

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And how he went from being called Netaji eventually? The direction and the production are top notch. From the sets, costumes and the makeup, all have been created to bring in the feel of pre- independent India. The only problem I had was with the editing, which could have been tighter. The soundtrack is another added bonus to this series. It will be hard to not talk about the elephant in the room, Ekta Kapoor , the creator of this web series.

Ekta Kapoor is well known in the entertainment circuit for successful but highly melodramatic soaps aired on television. I bow down to her courage to invest in this web series with so much conviction and subtlety at the same time. Cast: Rajkummar Rao has had a phenomenal year, with one of his movies Newton , have you read my review of that movie? He has swept the entire hindi film industry by his exceptional talent of getting into the skin of any character he is portraying.

It is not easy forget his portrayal of Subhash Chandra Bose. To put it in easy terms, he steals the show altogether. What I loved about the show that it distances itself from caricaturing the British working in India, which has been done in many films made on the similar subject. Her arc has not been made overtly melodramatic, which tends to happen in case of hindi television or film industry. A legend. There are elections held every five years, a government is elected and another one is given thumbs down. All of this sounds perfect on paper, or it seems perfect to Newton Rajkummar Rao.

Newton or Nutan Kumar, ashamed of his name given to him by his parents, cleverly changes his name to Newton during his grade 10th examinations for obvious reasons. For Newton, the world is black or white. He refuses to see the shades of grey around him. He is an honest government officer, who wants to change the system and society around him one way or the other.

With Lok Sabha elections in its peak in the country, a troubled region in the Central India, a Naxal controlled village in the jungles of Chhattisgarh to be specific, elections here are always boycotted or disrupted by the communist rebels. Newton who follows a rulebook to lead his life, always believes himself to be unerring.

Along with his small team, sent for election duty to the insurgency-hit the village comes along the group of security forces to make sure no one is harmed or worse killed and the voting is not disrupted. Newton being himself has a clash of ideologies with the head of the security forces Assistant Commandant Aatma Singh Pankaj Tripathi and his entire team who have an entirely different take on the situation in this troubled region.

Aatma Singh having experienced constant conflicts with the Naxals, he and his team have a practical approach towards the completely understandable agony of the villagers. Almost sounds like Ned Stark right. Malko turns out to be the most optimistic and rooted person among the entire entourage. Rajkummar Rao has had a stellar year. With Newton, he has again donned another feather on his hat. Along with commercially successful movies in his bag, Newton showcases a totally different aspect of his talent. I am in awe of his talent that makes us believe in Newton.

There is so much depth and sincerity in his performance even when we know his flaws are evident. As Aatma Singh, his frustration as an officer of the armed force is solid. Do wait for the scene where Aatma Singh finally snaps over the entire idea of conducting the elections in a troubled region. Director Amit Masurkar brings to us something which has been attempted before in the Hindi Cinema.

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  4. Plenty of movies have been made with Communist Naxal rebels as a backdrop. But what makes Newton different is how rooted it is and the director chose to show us the movie from the perspective of the central character. The entire movie is an eye opener about the fact that plenty of matters in this country are disregarded practically by all the entities.

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    Be it the Naxal conflicts or the villagers who are in a fix caused by the insurgency, which is extremely tragic. Almost all of them are illiterate and have no means to educate themselves or their children. There is corruption, the need to portray India as a strong democracy, predicament of the villagers and most of all getting the voting procedures conducted without any hassles which is quite impossible.

    We are way beyond striking a chord. One should know the percentage of our leaders and population taking advantage of the so-called Democracy of India is very high. Democracy is utilized for altogether selfish reasons. The Naxals have their laws and so does the country. No one bothers to toil or labor for the downtrodden. It makes us wonder, is democracy overrated? This is a review of one of my favorite shows, the third season of which aired on Netflix last month. A long vacation happened in between and prior to that, preparations for the vacation happened, which delayed the post.

    Pablo Escobar is dead and so is his infamous and notorious Medellin Cartel of the Republic of Colombia. Another bunch of notorious drug lords, posing themselves as businessmen. The associates are asked to pull up their socks in the coming months to secure their lives post the surrender.

    Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen

    After taking necessary action towards a couple of renegades in the cartel, The Gentlemen of Cali go ahead with their plans of cessation, only to be faced with major setbacks in the form of accidental gas leak at a neighborhood in Cali, leading to death of plenty of residents and arrest of the one of the Gentlemen. Post the arrest of the Cali Cartel leader forms the core of the second half. DEA and couple of loyal Colombian policemen along with an informer from within the Cali Cartel are hell-bent on arresting and finishing rest of the gang leaders.