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Views 1, Comments 1. All For Love - Episode 14 Sandra: okay a group of boys got him beaten with heavy sticks. He was nearly dead when Charles rescued him and brought him here. The point now is that he lost h All For Love - Episode 15 but on his way, he got a phone call then he picked the call and it was his secretry secretary: hello sir, where are you now?

Dandy: i am going some where , is t All For Love - Episode 16 Dandys house was a very big house painted with brown and green then surrounded with a large beautiful environment which is decorated with lot of beautiful flowers that gave it a be All For Love - Episode 17 looking at pip in sadness, he said ' dandy: no, i dont think that would be neccessary now. I will call you when i need you. Pip: so what is your plan now?

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Mum what happened. Helen remained silent and refused even looking All For Love - Episode 19 in no time, he was in her room and on seeing him, she became very mad at him.

Dandy: just to check on you. Rose: you d All For Love - Episode 20 Rose: harshly it is none of your business. Then her father walked angrily toward her and gave he a resounding slap Mr. Titus: you have no right to talk to me They lived happily with Dora who was a friend to rose. Their happiness knew no bond but not until Edward go Helen was lying h All For Love - Episode 23 Edward cried bitterly as he kept on shaking his mother.

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Just then the doctor came in and checked her temperature with his testesstcop, then feeled her porse and then reco Views 1, Comments 6. All For Love - Episode 24 Edward just came back from work to see a car in their compound. He knows who owns the car so he ran inside the house joyfully to meet his mother and Rose together preparing dinner All For Love - Episode 25 Sandra: i told you that you won't be happy with that card. He still looked furious not knowing what to do.

He can't believe his eyes. He can't really believe and acce All For Love - Episode 26 They really thought it was a joke and later realized that it was a reality when they couldn't find her nor her driver any where.

Every body was so disappointed. All For Love - Episode 27 A as soon as they drove in side the compound, they realized that the house has totally burnt down including every damn property in it. Nothing was left in it except ashes charcoal All For Love - Episode 28 Soon they got to a hudge super building, Thomas sounded the horn of the car and immediately a man came out and unlocked the gate the he drove in his car. Edward could not All For Love - Episode 29 He also remembered the death of his mother and the lost of their house.

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His anger even grew more than the happiness he had. He thought for a while , where he mu All For Love - Episode 30 They felt sorry for him after he had finished. Views Comments 2. All For Love - Episode 31 Edward began to sing as she smiled nod her head. Its obvious she was enjoying really enjoying the music. Gradually, she placed her head on his shoulder and afte She is late now. He said in a slumber voice.

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All For Love - Episode 33 Immediately they entered the sitting room, some one gave him a hug immediately with out him knowing who she was. Then when they broke the hug, he was very surprise to see Don't you He went along with Anita and gradually, he found out he was really falling for her. They did things together and is always All For Love - Episode 36 step by step, she began to advance toward the car and when she was already half way, she remembered that she did broke up with him. And mandated he should call her never All For Love - Episode 37 she was almost near but then.


She Started feeling nervous backed up with anxiety. So She began to panic as she drew Edward: yea, i know that that paper must contain an important information.

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Then Armand brought out the result and Stretched There he met with Nikky his step sister who was very much delighted to see him. All through her life, the only pe All For Love - Episode 40 Then every body sat down and got ready for the set of discussion. Titus explained the reason why he is there. He presented and organised his speeches nicely All For Love - Episode 41 Mr. Titus: em i think thats a perfect idea.

Dandy: yea Mr. Dandy: that's true. All For Love - Episode 42 toward evening, Johnson was busy with the police investigating on what might had happened when he got a strange call. The number wasnt registered in his phone so He was v Views Comments 0. All For Love - Episode 43 Andy: hey man, your crying can't save you! I need your father's number. Edward: i don't have it offhand but it is in my phone. Search for it there Edward: did you know his name? Matthew: come on Edward, this is no time for question!

They ran to the other side of the passage then made use of the exit doo When there's love inside I swear I'll always be strong. Then there's a reason why. I'll prove to you we belong.

I'll be the wal that protects you From the wind and the rain, From the hurt and pain. Let's make it all for one and all for love.

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Let the one you hold be the one you want, The one you need, 'Cause when it's all for one it's one for all. When there's someone that should know Then just let your feelings show And make it all for one and all for love. When it's love you make I'll be the fire in your night. Then it's love you take. Features Interviews Lists. Streams Videos All Posts. Stream or buy on:. Release Date November 4, Sugary Cheerful Exuberant Innocent Sentimental. Track Listing. Count Me Out. New Edition. Ric Wyatt, Jr. Sweet Thing. With You All the Way. Carl Wurtz.