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Old-Time Crochet, Spring Very good condition. Old-Time Crochet, Autumn Hole in front cover, but pages in very good condition.

Irish Crochet Opera Bag

Cover wear, some page yellowing. Either well- used or poorly stored -- cover and first few pages with large crease across corner, many other bent bottom corners. Former owner's name written on cover. At least half of the graph is here, but unless you know what this is supposed to look like and are very experienced in filet crochet -- if you are specifically looking for the Random Rose Doily, don't buy this! NOTE: Pages 61 - 62 are missing! Everything else seems to be here. NOTE: Oh, my goodness, the pages are all mixed up!

It looks like the former owner may have removed the staples, taken some pages out, then replaced them haphazardly in the wrong order! Vintage Pattern Shop Catalog. Treasured Heirlooms Crochet Main Catalog. Some like the materials they from which they are made, some the way their colors set off an outfit, and some for all the little fittings inside. Pouches in which to carry necessities may go back as far or farther even than clothing.

Whether they are home or factory made, carried in the hand or over a shoulder, expensive or roughly crafted, they are a wonderful indication of a woman's personal style. The images and motifs are created by tiny stitches and intricate coloring and jeweled and enameled frames often add to the design. In the late 's and early 's, ladies "fancy work" included the making of needlepoint and beaded bags, and illustrations and directions could be found in ladies magazines of the time.

Some of these bags were also imported from Europe, especially Austria. Beautiful garden motif with many flowers and wonderful colors, the frame is multi-chrome enameling and the chain handle is decorated with glass beads. Inside lining is intact and accented with braided trim. The lining is decorated with tiny ribbon flower edging. This purse is pictured in can be seen in Evelyn Haertig's "More Beautiful Purses" on page 61, plate There is one blue cabochon replaced on the clasp.

The silver floral and scroll embossed frame is intricate and lovely, with dolphin loops holding a 16" double chain handle. The beads on the handle may have been added later, 12". Photographer was W. Some fabric used in these purses was older fabric being re-used, and some was designed especially for purses.

Tapestry differs from needlepoint in that the stitches form the fabric, instead of being worked into a base fabric or canvas. PURSE Oriental gray purse with soft coral, green, yellow and brown vases of flowers purse with butterscotch and black frame, 8" by 9", and 14", handle shredding. The purse frame has a basket design with tendrils.

The cut steel brads have 14 facets in the older style, and a matching mirror is included inside. The body is in excellent condition but the inside is shredding.

Extraordinary Antique Edwardian Irish Crochet Lace Coat With : Marzilli Vintage | Ruby Lane

PURSE orange paisley motif fabric purse with cut steel beads hand stitched to the design and used as the fringe. The frame has a basket motif in silver tone. Floral, figural, scenic Most glass beads came from France, Italy, Czechoslovakia and Germany. Purses were made both professionally and as a home craft. Handle is 16".

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Approximately 14 beads to the inch. There is no lining remaining, but the original tag is inside on a thread. Also inside the purse about half of one side of the top portion has been re-stitched to the fabric liner see in the picture but it is not visible from the outside. The lovely fringe is intact, and there are two aqua glass cabochons on the snap closure.

The frame is a fabulous black molded plastic cameo and flowers, and the handle is a layered multi-colored 16" plastic chain. The inside lining is original but frayed. Approximately 17 beads to the inch. Interior lining has ribbon flower edging. This is 18 inches from top to bottom of fringe. Wonderful colors and workmanship. The silver metal frame is liberally decorated with embossed basket, fruits and flowers, just gorgeous. The lining is a sage green but it has shredded some with age.

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The beads are colorful and small enough that it almost looks like a petit point purse. As can be seen in the photo, there are beads that have come off the bottom fringe on the right side, some of which I still have. Made in both Europe and the United States, they are usually framed in gilt base metal or plate. French cut steel bags are particularly desirable. The colors are reflective and very lovely. Lining is intact though very slightly soiled, and is trimmed with ribbon flowers. Included inside are a sewn in matching mirror and coin purse. The silver tone frame is either antiqued or slightly worn.

The gold tone frame has a wheat edge with a dental and floral swag face and back. The purse is 6" by 11" and has a golden fabric lining and a mirror packet inside. The intricate fringe adds so much to this design. The beads are silver and gold tone with accents in rose, gray and sage green. The colors, design and quality are spectacular. Two bottom fringes are missing, and the inside lining is shredded. The geometric bottom enhances the overall design of the purse.

A design very similar to this can be seen in Evelyn Haertig's "More Beautiful Purses" on page , top left. I photographed this laying down so the beads wouldn't stay in place, rolling around so it is hard to see that they are all in place, but they are. I have a friend who collects only these smaller sized purses and they do make a wonderful display. There are many types of mesh, some of which are: ring mesh; Dresden mesh; baby mesh; fish scale mesh; and enameled mesh. Mesh bags are still made and used today.

Vintage Antique Crochet PATTERN to make Irish Rose and Fern Opera Bag 1900s

The lining is also in excellent condition. The gold, crimson and black colors are accented with blue. The frame and body are in excellent condition. The frame has a trailing leaves motif, very classic. A similar purse is in the Denver Jeweler's Buying Guide catalogue. The lining is also in excellent condition with only slight fading. A catalogue showing a purse like this can be seen in the Denver Jewelers Buying Guide. Denver Jewelers Buying Guide, View P There are 4 stitches dropped beside one hinge. Wonderful color illustrations of these mesh bags can be seen in the Denver Jeweler's Buying Guide.

The frame is a lovely embossed floral, lattice and scroll pattern. Two links are dropped under each hinge. This is in mint never-used condition, really lovely. Hallmark, tiny "Agnes Campbell" engraved on frame, 9" with 5" handle. Tiny dangle opens compact when pulled downward. Marked inside the frame "Whiting Davis, Canada". The total length is 9". It is marked inside the frame, "Whiting Davis Co. There is a clever closure made with rings on either side of the frame that slide through the grooves on the frame, keeping the purse safely fastened when carried.

A great accessory from the Roaring Twenties! The musical instruments on the frame are an unusual motif, and beautifully done. Thanks to a kind collector who emailed me, I have a bit of information about the purse shown at the right. Mine has no marks, but she says this about her purse: "The mark on mine is on the side of the clasp. It says P. It seems to have provided basic copyright protection for 3 years.

My purse is gold tone and has a different fringe design scalloped but otherwise looks identical to the one you have. This opens in 4 segments as the photos show, and I have heard this called a "bracelet" opening.

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  6. Thanks to a kind collector who emailed me, I think this is a German purse, possibly by " P. They operated from about the s to the end of WWII.

    Marked inside the frame "sterling Germany" it is in excellent condition. The fringe is a delicate lacy looking edging, just lovely. This is in excellent condition and could be worn or displayed. What a beauty! Carried by both men and women to contain money, they were flipped over a belt, held in the hand, or kept in a pocket. The metal rings push down to contain the coins, which were inserted into a small slit opening at the middle of the bag. These purses were usually either knitted or crocheted, and were often hand made from patterns found in the magazines of the time.