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Tori Carrington , Kate Hoffmann. Kieran Morrison is sure it's a dream. Daphne Moore knows differently. She is a mermaid…and her crush on Kieran means she's playing with fire. Falling for a human even a superhot one is a bad, bad idea. But when a chance encounter with Kieran—on land—leads to a sizzling and wickedly satisfying night, Daphne finds herself torn between her sea life…and her suddenly oh-so-hot sex life! But when the owner, an attractive and aggressive older woman, makes her move on Alex, they find themselves posing as lovers. It all goes off without a hitch…until the friends find themselves alone in a bedroom with the sweet, delicious taste of sin on their lips.

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What I’m writing about

The first time I remember imagining a threesome, I was still a teenager. I was really into Nelson the band with the twin brothers fronting it years after they were a mainstream success.

The Princess of Spring Story - Bedtime Stories - English Fairy Tales

Much as teens today are teamwhoever in a YA love triangle, I found myself struggling to figure out which of the twins I liked more, basing my opinion of the day on whatever teen magazine I read. With twenty-odd years of experience, I can see the evolution of my interest in threesomes as well as my understanding of all the various permutations of acts and bodies.

Threesomes take the difficulty of writing a same-sex erotic scene and dial it up a notch.

Enchanted: Erotic Bedtime Stories for Women (Audiobook) by Nancy Madore |

Either two or three of the participants will identify as the same gender. You now have three mouths, six hands, six nipples and possibly some number of breasts and three sets of genitalia. It is a delicate balancing act to ensure that the reader is keeping track of the participants, even if the characters themselves are not.

This affects the chemistry and the interaction each person has with the others. This is not to discourage you from writing threesomes—people enjoy them in life and in fantasy—but rather to get you thinking about how to write a threesome scene that works on all the levels.

Which is why I return time and time again to Curvy Girl. When I was ready to place an order, I reached out to Chrystal. I told her which items I was interested in. Between the top notch customer service including replacing a lost order , and the high quality products, I am a Curvy Girl fan who puts my money where my mouth is. They are my first choice when it comes to buying lingerie. I am lucky to count Chrystal as a friend, not just a contact at a website.

I had a dream of having a place to shop for sexy clothes for my fat body since I was around 20 years old, when I had a partner who embraced my size. That was 27 years ago! I remember going to a local lingerie store here in I would drool over and pine for all of the dainty baby dolls and stockings that would never fit me. I even tried buying two of one very inexpensive item sand I tried hobbling the two items together to try and get them to fit.

And, I should I mention that I do not sew.

Brown, Margaret Wise 1910-1952

Talk about depressing and demoralizing! Fast forward to !

Bedtime Stories for Grown-Up Girls: (Volume 3 ~ A trio of sizzling reads!)

We are a little bit more than 3 years old and we just had to expand to a new, larger location. I adore our local Curvy Girl community. We get customers traveling to our store from all over the world! We have several sets of customers that are long-haul truckers and they plan us into their route when they have a California assignment. Picture of my most recent Curvy Girl Order. On the bottom right is The Boyfriend Shirt which is a go-to piece of lingerie for me—Delilah.

Sizzling Bedtime Stories: Vol 2

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Do not leave your email or a screenshot in the body of the comment. I can see the email you entered to leave the comment in my wordpress dashboard The discount code has no expiration, just the contest. Seriously, guys, who do I have to blow to get a Black Widow movie???? Geeky introvert Tessa Rodriguez will do whatever it takes to get promoted to video game engineer— including create a fandom-based video game in just three weeks. The more they work together, though, the closer they get….


I like so many things about this story, but one of the biggest was that the gaming company parts feel authentic. I actually have a few thousand words of a story set at a gaming company sitting on my hard drive right now. I started and stopped writing it a few years ago because it is not easy to write this kind of workplace. Yardley does it pitch perfect, including the fact that it so hard to be a woman coder.

The brogrammer phenomenon is real, and that Tessa earns her spot with a baptism by fire feels legit. Tessa is a great character. She meets a great cast of secondary characters who share her passion for a tv show. Wanting to help her new friends drives the rest of the narrative. Adam has spent the last year trying to get over his ex. The way that he finally catches on the fact that Tessa is a woman feels believable. The attraction is real, and builds with great tension. The pacing from friends to sex is very well-written.

You can find out more about Cathy at her website , check out her booklist , or follow her on twitter. Very little bothers me when it comes to using sex to sell things. Yes, I often find it annoying and pandering to the male gaze, but I have bigger battles to fight. However, several years ago there was an advertisement here in Singapore that got me very angry. I was minding my own business, walking through a mall, when I saw the poster above taking up an entire wall. I stopped. I gaped. What the actual fuck? The ad went viral, showing up in US and European media. Slutwalk Singapore complained to the relevant government agency and got the following answer in return.

Many thanks for taking time to read our NCPC adverts developed for our festive season crime prevention campaign. Through this advertising campaign, we hope to remind people to take extra precaution so that they do not become victims of crime during this festive season. Being groped can be anything from an unwanted pat on the ass or touch on your breast to full-fledged sexual assault.

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There are many things I like about Singapore. On the microaggression level, when I was giving Ms 7 her practice spelling test for this week, these were the following example sentences given for the words prince and princess. Prince—The prince saved the princess from the fire-breathing dragon. I changed princess to prisoner. Princess—The princess screamed helpless form the tower.

But in Singapore, we have so many big issues that the microagressions are the least of our problems. This week a fourteen year old boy was accused of raping a girl. That night he told his mother he only confessed because the police made him feel as though he had no other choice. Then he committed suicide by jumping out of his window on the fourteenth story of the building.

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There is no understanding that there could be two victims in this case. Singapore is a conservative patriarchy. As a liberal feminist and the mother of two girls, I often find myself at odds with the establishment here. As a Permanent Resident the equivalent of a green card holder in the US I have the right to join with my friends at events like Slutwalk Singapore, Pink Dot, and the like.

I am trying to be a good ally to Singaporeans resisting the dominant culture. But advertisements like this one? Ads that warn me not to get groped, or raped? These are worth getting furious over. These actively reinforce rape culture. Those make me outraged.